Mortgage Loan Operation System For Digital Generation
Level up your competitiveness by maintaining top performance at managing mortgage loan products for individuals and business customers with end-to-end loan origination system.
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What is imortgage2u?

The digital mortgage loan origination SaaS (System as a Service) tool for real-estate developers, property, and insurance agencies, as well as mortgage loan service providers;

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loan eligibility pre-check


accurate loan solution


loan submission capacities


banks approval status


legal facilitation services

We have newly launched an integration with CREDIT BUREAU MALAYSIA and CTOS MALAYSIA that allows our affiliate partner to direct purchase credit report through the system.

Who should be

using imortgage2u Today?

Real Estate Developer

Real Estate Agency​

Insurance Agency​

Mortgage Advisor

Financial Institution

Here's How Using imortgage2u Can Help You Avoid Below Pain Points

  • A slower and complicated loan process
  • The inefficiency of workflow progress
  • Inefficiency to monitor the team process
  • Poor time management – a working day to night
  • Cannot get a hold on client and bank schedule
  • Unable to get qualified leads
  • Increasing cost in getting quality leads
  • Lack of a solution for rejected applicants
  • No data storage capacities
  • Manual administrative workloads overloaded
  • Repeating same workflow process but no result
  • No transparency in the loan processing workflow
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Why Choosing Us?

Our core differences are we offer end-to-end solutions consisting of technology platform, IT-support, and mortgage domain experts; all combine into one package. With over 15 years of mortgage domain experiences, we can configure and leverage on our loan origination system for mortgage business rules and help speed up performance for our clients.

Our Affiliate Partners Are Still Growing…

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Increase Productivity

Bad administrative workflows cost organization additional time and cost. But with easy and inexpensive system tool, there has never been a better time to jump into the digital world and kick that bad habit for good. Be sure to check out our comprehensive and straightforward guides on how your organization can digitalize sooner. 

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