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Key Business Advantages

Implementing the loan origination system is a great way to move your company into the digital century and gain a significant advantage over your competition. Here are eight key business advantages that utilizing this system will provide for your business.


End-to-end Support for Loan Processes

From the beginning: identification of customers’ needs, loan simulation, filing an application, making a loan decision, signing an agreement, and till disbursing the funds, we are here to assist and support. 


Pre Loan Eligibility with Bank Comparison

We have configured accountable algorithms on credit offer conditions from the bank compared to the customer’s financial standing, scoring and rating, and different verification results.


System Inter-Connectivity

The platform connects the process, providing data on all participating users, dates of modifications, and loan statuses.


Reduced Human Error

The risk of errors occurring in the process of loan granting is next to none as the system ensures data correctness and consistency. 



Users can quickly access to complex processes, input forms, and output documents, taking advantage of previously defined processes like monitoring and management. 


Cost Savings

Seamless communication and collaboration with appropriate parties to a single platform with the capacity to exchange data and information directly in the result to reduce operation cost literally.


Comprehensive Support Services

Our specialists support clients during system implementation projects as well as in the context of independent analytical and advisory service.


Enhance Competitiveness

Increase the level of productivity due to efficient management of the organization’s activities allowing for quick reactions to market changes.

Our Product Features

Transform your loan process

with imortgage2u

We have designed the imortgage2u system so that, you could make it easier for your team to sell credit products, provide quicker and more efficient loan origination, digitalize and automate credit application processing, as well as the financial institution, might smoothly manage and optimize credit processes and more.


Create Profile Customer

The first step before proceeding to pre-loan eligibility checking, it’s essential to take the time to carve out the customer profile by using our optical character recognition (OCR) application. All you need to do is capture the photo of the identity card and uploaded it. All the vital customer details will auto-detect and insert in the respective column.

Income Status

Next, you will need to key in customer’s income status based on their job nature whether they are self-employment, salary basis or government servant. The calculation method for different job nature will vary too based on the configured algorithm calculation in the backend system.



Credit Score Report

Checking the customer’s credit score before making a significant loan application is a good idea to see where the customer stands. We are currently integrating with Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) and CTOS Malaysia in our system, which you can purchase the credit report directly.


The comparison result of max pre-loan eligibility amount from different banks will be released instantly, based on the information input in the previous steps. imortgage2u has configured accountable algorithms in its backend system to gain high accuracy of the calculation.




The confirmation of customer details, company and spouse information (if any) will be carried out in this final step, and after that, you may proceed to bank loan submission.


After submitting a case to the bank, the assigned banker will receive the case submission notification. When the case starts processing, you can track the update status from designated banker through our system.



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