Property and Mortgage Management with Peace of Mind.

iMortgage2u is a personal property investment manager that allows smart property owners to monitor, analyze, organize, and optimize property and mortgage related matters easily; at the same time increase user's property investment returns.

MONITOR your property investment

Manage your property profile & information anytime, anywhere with one tap.

ANALYZE your property investment

Brilliant Tools that connected with financial institutions & legal firms to analyze property in-depth.

ORGANIZE your property investment

From many documents consolidate all into one profile.
Paper-less and Go-Green!

OPTIMIZE your property investment

Free yourselves from financial loopholes! Start it today with our AMAZING mortgage tool!


Mortgage Status Analysis

Provides you with an overview of your original and current interest status

Amortization System

Provides you with the ability to analyze your Base Lending Rate(BLR)/Base Rate(BR) Fluctuated Schedule

Property Analysis

Provides you with instant information to enable you to find out the rental and sale value of your property

Repayment Ledger

Provides latest repayment ledger to prevent additional interest and loan extension

Mortgage Calculators

Calculates RPGT, Legal Fees and Debt Service Ratio

Pre-Loan Eligibility

Know your chances of getting a loan before you apply

Loan Agreement

Sub-sales, refinance, S&P agreement and loan agreement for new project

E-Tenancy Agreement

Provides you speedy and safe tenancy agreement

Financial Advisory Service

Provides you consultant services for the purpose of acquiring bank financing using credit and financial information of the client

Referral Bonus

Enjoy extra loyalty reward system and apps reward points


TECHAPP BUSINESS SDN BHD was incorporated in 2017

To become the unicorn of the property sector with integration of property technology in real estate industry and incorporation with corporate alliances to expand the protech ecosystem to Southeast Asia.

To provide an easy and complete property management service and to all clients and to increase client's Return On Investment (ROI) of their property investment.

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